The proper way to use useDispatch in react-redux

Use useDispatch in react-redux

The proper way to use useDispatch in a React-Redux application is to first import the useDispatch hook from the react-redux library. Then, within a functional component, call useDispatch and assign the returned value to a variable. This variable can then be used to dispatch actions to the Redux store.

Here is an example:

import { useDispatch } from 'react-redux'

function MyComponent() {
    const dispatch = useDispatch()

    const handleClick = () => {
        dispatch({ type: 'MY_ACTION', payload: 'some data' })

    return (
        <button onClick={handleClick}>Dispatch Action</button>

In this example, when the button is clicked, the handleClick function is called and dispatches an action with the type ‘MY_ACTION’ and a payload of ‘some data’ to the Redux store.